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Social Media & Teen Mental Health

Social media

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Visitation Academy

3020 N. Ballas Rd

Bullying 101: How to Train Trusted Adults to Help Teens - 3/28/2019 

How can parents help our teenagers? Learn the types of bullying: physical, mental, verbal, and cyber. What is the impact on the bully and on the person being bullied?

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Hidden in Plain View: An Initiative to Help Parents Spot Signs of Risky Behavior - 11/7/2018

Explore an interactive display of a teenager's bedroom containing over 70 items that could signal that a young person is involved in risky activities. Learn how to spot warning signs and get tips for talking with kids about the dangers of alcohol and drug use.

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Parenting the Internet Generation - 3/22/2018

International speaker Matt Fradd speaks about the dangers of the internet and how to help protect our kids. 

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High School Pressures: How to Destress Our Kids - 11/9/2017

Dr. Stuart Slavin and Joann Elliott, M.Ed., LPC,  speak about social, scholastic, sports, and college pressures. How to help our kids manage their tension and succeed.

Meeting Notes from Dr. Slavin (PDF)

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Raising Real Kids despite Reality Television - 3/27/2017

Leah Darrow, a finalist from America's Next Top Model, and Father Augustine Wetta, Monk of the St. Louis Abbey, speak about how your kids can be built up instead of torn down by society's idea of the perfect image. How your teens are made for greatness.

The Psychological Impact and Consequences of Social Media — 9/15/2016

Sr. Marysia Weber, physician, tells us how cell phones and video games are rewiring the brains of young people and what parents can do. Julie Smith, author, highlights social media changing education, communication, and relationships. 


The St. Louis High School Party Scene: How to Protect Teens Against Substance Abuse - 10/19/2015

Scott Snodgrass, Bridgeway Behavioral Health, and Lieutenant Daniel Zarrick, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Dept.

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How to Recognize and Help Our Teens Cope with Stress, Anxiety and Depression

How to Recognize and Help Our Teens Cope with Stress, Anxiety and Depression - 9/22/2015

Dr. Linda Popp-Bock, Fr. Augustine Wetta and three area counselors.


How Parents Can Cultivate Virtue in Their Catholic Teens - 2/27/2014

Presentation by Lynne Lang, Director of School Climate, Archdiocese of St. Louis

Meeting Notes - Lynne Lang Presentation


Sexual Recreation vs Sexual Re-Creation - 11/10/2013

Dawn Eden discusses Catholic teachings on sexuality and her dramatic conversion to Christianity and ultimately the Catholic Church.

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Relativism (Full Presentation) - 10/9/2013

Dr. Ed Hogan discusses whether tolerance is a virtue or the beginning of relativism.

Relativism (Dr. Hogan's Notes)


Healing the Porn Generation - 2/20/2013

Dr. Robert Furey, LPC, exposes the toll that porn is having on our teens and their parents.

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Heroin - 9/12/2012

Police Chief Tim Fitch and Dan Duncan, LCSW, and others urge parents to recognize that heroin is easily accessible, shockingly addictive, and ruinous to lives. What to look for, what to do. 

Heroin Parent Brochure (Not Even Once)

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Chastity - 3/8/2012

Paul Masek and Gretchen Pacheco discuss the notion of chastity in an oversexed world.


If You Want To Be Happy... Teaching Children and Ourselves the Keys to Happiness and Success - 2/8/2012

Dr. Tim Jordan explains how culture and passion are integral to finding happiness in our world.


The Top Ten Things Administrators Want You to Know - 11/9/2011

Mary Hey, JFK Principal, discusses what schools wish parents would know and understand.