Our Mission: To Help Parents With the Challenges of Raising Catholic Teens in Today's World. We share the same Roman Catholic values. We strive to keep ourselves informed. We have confidence in our ability, with God's grace, to make a difference. 

Our Purpose: to help parents with the challenges of raising Catholic teens in today's world. PN offers programs to inform and educate parents about current social issues and pressures children face during their adolescent years.

Executive Board

President:   Tricia Sumner

Vice President:   Mary Corrigan & Maria Rivero

Recording Secretary: Aline Khoukaz     

Corresponding Secretary:  Colleen Wasinger

Treasurer: Carine Azrak

Chaplain: Fr. Augustine Wetta O.S.B  

The Parent Network Parent’s Prayer

Lord, I come to You in Jesus’ name and give my child to You.  I’m convinced that You alone know what is best for my child.  You alone know what s/he needs.  I release my child to Your care and protection, and I commit myself to pray for everything concerning my child that You put upon my heart.  Teach me how to pray and guide me in what to pray about.  Help me not to impose my own will when I’m praying for him/her, but rather to enable me to pray that Your will be done in their lives.

Thank You for clear directions from Your Word and wisdom as I pray to You for answers. I’m grateful that I can partner with You in raising my child and that I don’t have to do it alone.

Thank You, Lord, for the precious gift of this child. I know that every good gift comes from You, and that You have given him/her to me to care for and raise. Help me to do that. Show me places where I can let go and release my child to Your protection, guidance, and counsel. Help me not to live in fear of possible dangers, but in the joy and peace of knowing that You are in control. I rely on You for everything, and this day I trust my child to You and release him/her into Your hands. Amen.

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