Spring Break Parents' Letter

Dear Parents,

The Parent Network of Catholic High Schools encourages you and your family to exercise good judgment in planning this year’s Spring Break.

It is best to have our young people properly chaperoned and to avoid putting them at risk. The media has reinforced our concerns with documented reports of binge drinking, drug use, date rape, and sexually transmitted diseases.

In an effort to keep our children safe and to help them make wise choices, we urge you to provide adequate boundaries by considering the following suggestions:

  • Make sure your children have reliable chaperones at all times, including out of town trips.
  • Remember that “everyone is going” may not be accurate and is certainly not a good reason for condoning an unwise or unsafe activity.
  • Communicate with other parents in planning safe activities. Your children need YOU to establish the rules. They look to you for guidance and for setting appropriate limits.

Spring Break is a time when you and your family can relax and take a reprieve from the rigors of academics. We all need to do all we can to make it safe and enjoyable. Our prayer is that God will fill us with wisdom, courage, and love as we address these concerns.


The Parent Network Board and Officers