Issues for Teens

Teens deal with many difficult issues. The most important prevention principle is probably the easiest one to follow. We need to maximize the “bonding” within our families. Children need to feel a positive attachment to their families in order for them to share the family’s beliefs and values. There are three “common sense” keys to bonding:

Involve Children - Children need to be actively involved in the family and play a vital, important role in the family’s functioning. Having children help with chores, as well as having family “rituals” and “traditions” can help.

Teach Skills - Take the time to show your children how to be successful in their family roles. Teens also need certain skills to be drug-free; to know how to say “no” in spite of negative peer pressure.

Praise, Encourage, Affirm! - Most importantly, give plenty of recognition for a “job well done.”

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